Oh No!! What Do I Say Now???

I was doing my impression of Bill Clinton. There was a drunk man there who started yelling at me about ‘my’ policies. I stopped the impression and told the guy I was not Clinton. The guy charged the stage yelling “Liar!”. Fortunately, someone tripped him before he got to me. 

Stand up comedy is a great, weird and wonderful way to make a living. It can be lonely at times when you’re driving hundreds of miles between each gig. But it’s worth it. Its always great when you land a week in a nice club. I used to tell bookers, “You don’t pay me to perform. I do that for free. You pay me to get there.”

Wiseguys Comedy Club – a great club!

That picture was taken three years ago. I cherish it because they were my farewell shows. It’s also the club where I shot my DVD. I performed for 30 years and loved it even when I had to perform on a Friday night after being injured in a car accident earlier that week. I tried to cancel but I had signed a contract and the guy was going to sue me if I was a no show. 

I did the show after taking Percocet and I still don’t remember any of it. The friend who drove me said the show was awesome. Ok, I got paid instead of sued. The funny thing is the guy called me about eight months later and wanted me to perform for his company again. I turned him down, of course. I wish someone would have video taped that show. 

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Now my blog, books and social media are my stage and I love it. I really don’t miss doing stand up anymore and that’s surprising considering there was a time when I couldn’t get on stage enough. No regrets except for the drunk guy. I wonder what would have happened if he reached the stage. 


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5 thoughts on “Oh No!! What Do I Say Now???

  1. Drunks. Must be a comic’s worse nightmare.
    Back in my youth I was at a strip club and the comic was great, he could read an audience and play it.
    One drunk interrupted him. The exchange went:
    Comic: ‘Ha mate. You’re funny. I’d like to give you a present,’
    Drunk: Indecipherable.
    Comic: ‘It’s a copy of Times Newspaper’
    Drunk: Confused burble
    Comic: You’re going to need it , if your anus if one half the size of your mouth! (Well that wasn’t quite what he said)
    Roars of laughter from the audience.
    After the girls had done their stuff, by popular acclaim and requests the comic was brought back for an encore.
    PS: I must get that DVD!

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