I Hate My Own Speech!!!

Last night at dinner, the waiter brought our food but something didn’t taste right. I asked him if I could get something different. The chef came to us and called me a hater for insulting his food. Then a crowd of violent protesters arrived and we had a huge fight. The end. 

Just kidding about “The end.” Obviously I’m still writing. And ok, the protesters weren’t violent. They held signs that read “Stop Hate Speech!” and chanted it very loud for a very long time. Alrighty, you got me. There were no protesters and we actually had dinner at home. 

I’m just very tired of all of the accusations from both sides of any issue saying that the other side is spewing “hate speech”. That term is used so frequently now. It started, in my opinion when someone would commit a crime against someone based on color or sexual orientation. That needed to become illegal. 

Suddenly, even if you utter your opinion on something, there is someone calling it hate speech. Protesters are making it impossible for right wing speakers INVITED by a university to give their speech. I think it’s rude behavior but not hateful until punches are thrown. For example, last night we were at a restaurant… uh, I already tried that one. 

This is still America and unless it is really hate speech, falling into the category of breaking the law, I wish people would stop calling it hate speech. I may not agree with certain life styles, and I might choose to talk about it but that certainly doesn’t mean that I hate the people. It’s manipulation and it stifles true debate. 

Now I hate myself. Ugh. 

“Hate speech is not a recognized category under American law,” University of Virginia law professor Leslie Kendrick told USA TODAY’s Cup of Politics podcast.

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6 thoughts on “I Hate My Own Speech!!!

  1. I don’t like that term either. They don’t know what opinions mean I guess. And also the word “triggered.” Everyone seems “triggered” over something these days. The word is being taken fully out of context and overblown.

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  2. This causes a sort of verbal escalation. So the responders have to think of something worse, and so on.
    There’s all sorts of accusatory phrases in the lexicon these days.

    I don’t know how it is in the USA but in the UK, here are a couple-
    ‘You’re being very defensive’ – translation ‘ Oh, I didn’t expect anyone to disagree with me!!!’
    ‘You’re being Passive-Aggressive’ translation ‘Stop being polite and reasoned! I hate that!’
    ‘%@$!***’- translation ‘I don’t need a brain!’

    Mind you, I have to admit you cannot beat the old ‘pzzbbbbrt!’ (raspberry) sometimes.

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      1. How about a National Alfred E Numan Day as a solution. How can anyone be belligerent, when the response to their previous tirade is:
        ‘What? Me Worry?’

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