You Are A Racist!!!

Yesterday was National Dog Day here in the USA. It was hateful because there’s no Horse Day, Armadillo Day; nothing for so many animals. Why do ground hogs get a day? The whole thing is clearly racist and must be stopped. I’m pressing to eliminate the celebration of Punxsutawney Phil. Haters. 

I love dogs. We have two beautiful Toy Schnauzers, Sammy and Maggie. They are so much fun! Maggie is eight years old and Sammy is ten. Maggie loves to play, bark, run around the house, bark, go to sleep on your lap and bark. 

Sammy is on the left.

Sammy is different. We rescued her from a puppy mill where she had litter after litter of puppies. Who knows how many? They didn’t let her play, so she still won’t. She doesn’t care for toys of any kind, stuffed animals included. (I think all animals should be afraid of stuffed animals. Imagine if there were stuffed people in your house.)

Maggie loves everyone! If someone robbed the house, I’m convinced she would help out the crooks. Sammy is our protector. If someone rings the doorbell she goes insane. Its like an ear piercing (not sure why ear piercing is associated with decibels) scream every two seconds for as long as the people are here. 

She was also abused by the male of the house. I refuse to call an animal abuser a man. It took a couple of months just to let me pet her. She would cower and go under the bed. Poor thing. But now she’s in a loving home and she can do whatever she wants except for driving the car. 

Maggie has only known love and everywhere we take her, people love her. The groomers, the veterinarian, the neighbors. Everyone loves Maggie. What’s not to love?

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