My Wedding Day? Yikes!!!

A friend of mine was getting married. His Dad sent him a text: “Son, today is a day you will treasure your whole life. My best love and good wishes. Love, Dad.” My friend texts back: “Thanks Dad, but the wedding isn’t until tomorrow.” His Dad replied “I know.”

People either love weddings or hate them. If the couple are good friends, you naturally enjoy it as much as possible. If they’re distant family members or friends you barely know, its pure torture. Those are the ones where you do your best to come up with some ridiculous story to get out of going. 

I sometimes officiate weddings, so those don’t count. I really love playing that role. I must confess though that I sometimes feel guilty for even doing that because there’s only a 50% chance they’ll make it work. I found out that people don’t like it when you say that during the ceremony. Or asking, “Are you guys sure about this?”

Sometimes the couple wants me to be funny during the ceremony and while its fun for the couple and me, some people don’t like it. Especially the poor sap who’s paying for it all. Typically, I’m approached by people afterward who tell me it was a beautiful ceremony. When I’m funny, I get a lot of  “That was very interesting.”

But then again, our wedding took place in our comedy club right before the first show. We’ll be celebrating our 20th anniversary in February. I guess it is true that only God can make a golden wedding ring. Wait. Then why did my skin turn green?

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