I’ve Been Deceived!!!!

Due to the recent incidents involving the toppling of statues, the NFL has now banned the Statue of Liberty play. 

Our world has gone insane. Some are fighting for free speech by violently protesting those who don’t agree with them. That is nuts! I think debates are great forums for exchanging opinions, thoughts and possible solutions. On both sides of the political spectrum. 

There are so many emotionally charged issues right now and the absence of police presence at some of these protests is a big problem. The cities governing bodies seem to be putting their heads in the sand and just letting people attack one another. That’s the way I see it anyhow. 

I had to take down all of my “Dukes of Hazard” memorabilia and that angers me. I don’t want anyone to think I’m a white supremacist. I’m actually a multi-colored supremacist. I’m prejudiced against anyone with a skin color outside of the earth. Like the people on another sphere in our solar system? They’re just plain planet trash. 

I think there is way too much tension in the world right now and we need to laugh a lot. I really don’t want to know what your position on the issues are. Who’s a crook, who’s not a crook. Who’s lying, cheating, tweeting, etc. Voicing my opinion on social media makes me think, who cares what I think? Really. 

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