The Fountain of Youth!!!!

I got carded last night! What a great compliment at my age. Ok, technically it was a traffic stop but it was a female cop and I'm pretty sure she was into me. She even asked me for my autograph at the bottom of her little scrapbook. She even introduced me to her dog. Yep, I've still got it.

Its always a joy when My wife and I order an adult beverage of some sort. They always check Heather's ID but never mine. A couple of weeks ago we were dining at a local Olive Garden where we ordered some Cabernet. Naturally she asked to see Heather's drivers license. And then she asked to see mine!

I've heard people who are obviously over the age of 21 get upset and yell about the inconvenience and how dare they and blah, blah, blah. Cry me a river. I've never understood that phrase. Obviously they want the other person to shed tears, but a river? What would I do with a river? Besides, the person would expire from dehydration long before they could ever create a river. I don't know.

I'm a hugger. I know that sometimes makes people feel awkward, but I do it anyway. Before showing my ID to the waitress I immediately stood up, gave her a hug and said, "God bless you!" It may have been annoying when I was young but not anymore. It makes my day.

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