Kim Jong Un – Former TV Star???

Is it just me or does anyone else think the North Korean dictator looks a lot like Tatoo from Fantasy Island?

That might explain his hostility. He always wanted to be the star of the show. He always called Mr. Roark, played by Ricardo Montalbán. Even in the picture above, Herve Villechaize demanded placement above Montalbán. They say Villechaize is dead, but I'm not so sure.

Un and Villechaize have never been seen together which is proof enough for me. I'm convinced. Maybe the anger is fueled by the fact that everyone around him were getting their fantasies fulfilled but he never got his. I can hear him now, "But both (boss), what about my fantasies Both" He has a bit of a lisp.

Ok, so I'm a bit of a conspiracy theorist. For example, when the original Superman tv show starring George Reeves ended I asked my mother what happened. She told me he killed himself. I said "How??? He's Superman!!!" Ever since I have suspected some sort of kryptonite conspiracy.

I think I just saw an all black unmarked helicopter buzz by. If something happens to me, arrest my neighbor Bill. He probably didn't do it but I can't stand the guy.

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5 thoughts on “Kim Jong Un – Former TV Star???

  1. It’s a good theory. Here’s another one…..
    He’s a tubby man with a funny haircut and makes bizarre statements; it’s possible he’s the secret identity of our UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson. (It’s a good cover Johnson can hop onto an airplane, leave the country and no one in the government will try and stop him, or care where he is)

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  2. omg, Tattoo! Never would’ve thought of that one.

    My father loves George Reeve’s Superman and was a child as it aired on TV. He was told Reeves cracked up and jumped out the window and that’s how he died. I guess the adults around him were 1. Trying to prevent him putting on a cape again since one time he did he tossed his sister and 2. Maybe they didn’t want to have to explain the concept of suicide yet or possibly that someone murdered his TV hero.

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