How Do You Know???

Whenever I look at a directory at a mall or theme park and there's a dot and a blurb saying "You are here", it makes me nervous. Are they following me?

I have the worlds worst sense of direction. Seriously. I've become lost so many times, even just going to the grocery store a few miles from home and trying to navigate back. First, I could never find my car which I had just parked a few minutes ago. Thank goodness for the panic button on key fobs.

Then I downloaded an app where you simply touch the screen and the phone remembers where you parked and will easily guide you back to your car. Sweet! The first time I tried it the directions back told me to turn east or west. Nooo! I got more lost than ever! Finally I started taking three pictures. One of the placement of the car, another from the car to the store front and yet another from the store front to the car.

Perfect until my car was stolen in a parking lot. I wound up in the looney bin. All I could do was mumble like that guy on "Office Space". I was so happy when gps units came out. The first ones were ok for areas close to home but you could only download new maps once a year. The rest of the year was a crapshoot but at least it worked better than without it.

Now the gps programs on our phones can not only tell us exactly how to get to our destination, it can perform the task with live traffic conditions. Awesome! Although we still here about tragedies every year where people who don't know which way to go end up stranded in severe weather conditions. If I was still driving, I'm sure that would be me.

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2 thoughts on “How Do You Know???

  1. Good points.
    They says ‘You Are Here’, but I still have to ask ‘Where’s that?’
    I don’t know how it is in the USA, but once you get into the very rural areas of the UK (even though a major road might be a few miles away) all electronic directions vanish and you need to break open the good old road map, or the written direction with really useful stuff like ‘When you reach the two red-brick houses on the left…..’

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