More Leaks!!

The crackdown on the release of classified information is really getting tough. Yesterday a guy in the NSA was charged with treason when he told a coworker that he needed to take a leak.

I do hope that the people who have committed felonies and perhaps treason are prosecuted and sentenced appropriately. These people did it with full knowledge of what they were doing, in my opinion. Its still going on today. Awful.

I'm waiting for the first arrest when the defense attorney says that his client made a mistake. Mistake? It was done on purpose. Its the same when people cheat on their significant other and call it a mistake. The same thing goes for thieves. You don't accidentally steal something.

I think the only real mistakes are when you do things when "Oops" is appropriate. Or if you create your own language hopping around after stubbing your toe. Failure to turn on the light is a mistake that caused the person to speak in tongues.

A car accident is a mistake unless you're doing something dangerous or illegal. Texting while driving is not a mistake. Everyone knows it's illegal and very dangerous but they choose to do it anyway. Not an accident, it's a crime.

When I burned our last house down, it was an accident. Who knew that setting off firecrackers inside would start a raging inferno? It was just too hot outside so Heather, the dogs and I decided to light them in the living room. Turns out it was much hotter than outside. Oops!

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3 thoughts on “More Leaks!!

  1. Excellent combination and the truth and the wry.
    Have you seen ‘The Last Boy Scout’? Bruce Willis’ acerbic response when his PI partner confesses to having an affair with the Willis character’s wife.

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