I Think I Love You – Ouch!!!

There are some things that I just don’t understand. Why does Cupid represent love? The last thing I would ever want is a short, chubby toddler coming at me with a weapon.

We’ve all seen the pictures on Valentines Day. Little Cupid with his bow drawn and ready to fire at someone’s heart. Cheeseburgers and Pizza are bad enough for my heart. I don’t need any help from a maniacal little dude. Tony Orlando wrote a song about Cupid, begging him to shoot straight through his lover's heart. If you ask me, that’s accessory to murder.

There has to be a better representative of love. How about love birds? I know some people are afraid of birds but EVERYONE is afraid of an arrow through the heart. How about a little dog? Who doesn’t love a little dog? They are full of love, unconditionally. There’s your Cupid replacement.

Or perhaps Penguins or other animals that mate for life? That would be cool. Jilted lovers could be represented by a praying mantis, since it eats the head of it’s mate. That should satisfy the scorned. I don't know, maybe we should all be able to choose. I think I would choose an elephant. Not only do they mate for life but they would be pretty cool. One with tusks to represent the pain we men feel when we mess up once in a while.

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