Am I a Racist???

A couple of days ago we killed a black widow spider on our front porch. I hate black widows. Does that mean I'm racist?

I know some people are offended when you kill anything but under certain circumstances I would call them out. For example, if a rattlesnake "looked" like it was going to strike at your baby, I have no doubt that you would kill the snake to protect your child. When the snakes are in position to strike I don't think they can be distracted.

Think of what we did with the spider as sort of a preemptive strike on North Korea. One day soon I'm betting it will happen. You can't let a little troll with no sense of consequence for behavior keep firing missiles that can reach farther and farther into our nation.

Or if a company is supposed to do some work for you and they didn't and are now threatening to sue you, sue them first. Whoever is on the offensive side is in control. I did something similar to a doctor. I drove an hour to get there but the doctor forgot about the appointment and was gone.

Imagine my surprise when the dude billed me $220 for that visit. I tried talking to them and telling them I wasn't going to pay the bill. It did no good. They threatened to turn my account to collections so I sent them an itemized bill for my lost work time, gas and wear and tear on my car. They called me and said it was ridiculous but I told them if they didn't pay I would send it to a collection agency. I didn't hear another word from them.

His wife helped him with the business and their name is Brown. I can't stand either of them so I guess I am a racist after all.

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