I’m Fired?? You Haven’t Even Hired Me Yet!!!

I applied for a job when I was 18. I filled out the applications and waited for the outcome. The guy read the application and said, "We have an opening for people like you." I was excited! I said, What will I be doing?" He said, "Walking out of the door."

I then applied at a company called "Color Tile." I rode my motorcycle there a little early for the interview. After talking for quite a while, he said, "I think you would be an excellent sales person here. Just what we've been looking for. Unfortunately, I'm not going to hire you.

" I was perplexed to say the least. I asked him why since he thought I would be great there. I swear the guy said, "It's because you ride a motorcycle. That tells me that you are flighty and won't stick around." I was stunned.

It was a great lesson to be learned. In the future, when I began hiring, if the candidate was a good one I just asked if they had reliable transportation. I didn't care if they got there on a pogo stick, unicycle or stilts as long as they got there on time. If they took public transportation all I asked is for the person to take the earlier bus than normal to be sure to be there on time. They could eat breakfast and watch the big screen tv if they wanted. It worked out well.

I remember once in the cellular business I thought I was pretty hot stuff because I landed all of the big retailers while my counterpart could only get the smaller ones. So I started coming in late everyday blaming it on traffic. One day my boss called me in and wrote me up for being consistently being late. He told me that he didn't care one bit about traffic. Just leave earlier he said. I did and was never late again.

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