Since the big eclipse is best seen in Rexburg, Idaho (I know!) over any other town in the world, motels have been sold out for TWO YEARS, and it is only going to last for minutes. They haven't had a crowd like this since one single family married off two first cousins in1993.

I have never been enthusiastic about a solar eclipse. I don't even like the song Total Eclipse of the Heart. I had to play it on the radio, but I hated it just the same. I'll be able to see it on tv without dealing with the X-Filers surrounding me.

I was in Montreal on the night they celebrated their 350th anniversary as a city. I was outside watching the celebration along with two million other people. It was insane and I hated it. I was unable to even move. I had to catch an early flight to Paris early the next morning.

I finally got back to my room in time to get a couple of hours of sleep before leaving. That entire trip, included a trip to London immediately following France and I was still wiped out. Never again. If I'm really desperate to see the moon, I'll look at pictures of Jennifer Lopez.

If you go, please let me know about your experience. I am really very interested.

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3 thoughts on “Eclipse!!!

  1. Another great opening line Jerry, I love these introductions.
    When it comes to an eclipse I am reminded on a Peanuts strip which ran for a week with Linus’ preparations lecturing everyone about the best way to see an eclipse. In the final strip he is standing in the pouring rain, looking upwards, Charlie Brown enters and says ‘So how is the Eclipse?’.

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