Take my husband please.

One of my desperate friends was looking to get married. I won't mention her name because she's kind of embarrassed by this. She placed an ad on Craig's list that read "Husband wanted." She got so many responses she was overwhelmed. They all read "You can have mine."

Personal ads just fail to work when it comes to romance and marriage. Even online dating can be sketchy. Someone ends up uprooting their entire life to take a huge gamble on someone they don't even know. I've seen success in some cases but it's because the couple met many times face to face and knew enough about each other to know it was for real.

The knuckleheads who just move after a couple of phone calls are begging for a major heart break. E-Harmony claims to have more marriages than any other online dating service. I wonder if they also have the highest divorce rate too. I would guess that's true but it wouldn't make an effective commercial. "At E-Harmony we have the greatest number of marriages and divorces of any online dating service."

I've had several failed marriages but Heather and I are going to celebrate our 20th anniversary in February. She has shattered the all time record!

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