OJ Simpson Freed!! Wait That Sounded a Tad Racist.

OJ Simpson was paroled yesterday for an armed robbery that put him behind bars for 9 years. When asked if he was remorseful for his crime, Simpson said "Yes your honor. I am very sorry for killi… I mean, uh, robbing those people."

Some very interesting developments in that case. The prosecutor wanted him freed. So did the district attorney. Heck, even the guys he robbed wanted him paroled. So it happened. No surprise. And he is not leaving a pauper. He has been receiving $25,000 per month for nine years. That is approximately 2.7 million dollars. I don't think it is taxable because each year he would be under the poverty level. I think.

The shame is that the Goldmans can't collect a penny from his NFL pension, which is where the money comes from. I wonder if he will accept paying gigs like movies or books. That money would be garnished up to 50%, from what I read. He owes the money and I think he should pay it no matter what.

They say he was a model prisoner. What does that mean? If you put Elle in the slammer, there's your model prisoner. Even Fabio would be a good candidate. But neither one is being held responsible for killing anyone or robbing people at gun point.

Since Simpson was the model prisoner like they say, it should not be difficult for him to land a modeling contract. He could model guns and knives. Look, I think the guy served enough time according to the law, because he can't be held for a crime for which he was exonerated. He's 70 years old, so we'll see what kind of trouble he can get into now.

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