It’s Hot In Here!!!

Wow. Yesterday I locked myself inside the car with no air conditioner on. It was so hot. In no time, I was feeling very sleepy. I'm sure happy that cop came to the window and told me to get out of the car. They say that if I take my meds I can go home in a few days.

Each year, so many children and pets die because someone leaves them in a car in the summer. What gets to me the most is when it is intentional. It's like they've never heard of a story like it before. Who decides that it's ok? We hear about people who leave a child or baby in the car and go eat or meet with a friend for a couple of hours.

I do believe that most of these people deserve jail time. The purposeful should get long sentences while parents who honestly forgot (very tragic) should get less time or probation if they're so remorseful that they become mentally unstable. Some don't believe that there are cases when it was accidental but I do.

I think custom fit car seats where a child can safely ride in the front seat would be great, or a sensor that triggers a loud noise as soon as you open your car door and there is the weight of a child or pet in one of the back seats. Sensors are already in use for the passenger front seat as a reminder to buckle up.

These methods would save many lives each year. As for me, if they ever let me drive again I'm going to be more cautious. I don't want to ever lock myself in again.

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