Answer The Question!!!

My friend Jason told me he could skip school with the teacher’s blessing. He started acting sad. Our teacher asked why.  He said, “My mom is at the hospital and my dad is at the jail.” She said, “I’m sorry to hear that! Do you want to go home?” After he left, the teacher asked what was going on with Jayson’s parents. I said, “His dad’s a cop and his mom’s a nurse.”

I had a teacher in High School named Mr. Kitna who used to drive us crazy by asking us questions and then answering them himself immediately. It went something like this: “Is the sun considered a star? The answer is yes.” I thought it was a good thing because I didn’t need to study. He did it for us. 

I have so much respect for teachers and administrators who have the kids’ best interest as shown by their words and actions. I think most of them do and that makes learning fun. They take the time to get to know each child and can best determine how that child learns best. 

We’ve all experienced or heard of amazing teachers. I’ve had quite a few myself and always did very well in those classes. In first grade, I had a great one in Mrs. Hannifan. Then in sixth grade, Mr. Bradford was awesome. In seventh grade, Mrs. McKay was not only a great teacher, she was also co-pastor at our church, so I had to behave. Right. I got in trouble. A lot of it. It was all me. She was great. 

Janet Wright, Patricia Harvey, Judy Senter, Mr. Reid, and Mrs. Coppage were great teachers for me. They cared enough to keep me interested in their classes. The others? Well lets just say that I learned well from my friend Jason. 

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