Oh No!!!!!

What a great lazy weekend. So lazy that I didn’t even turn off the barbecue. Everything beyond my back door is completely torched, but I’m relaxed and that’s all that matters. 

Once in a while we all just need to relax and do almost nothing for a weekend. Sleep in, have some breakfast, take a nap, read a book, take a nap, order dinner in and watch a movie. Wait, I used to do the same thing at work. At least I don’t have to hide in a cabinet anymore. 

When I was managing a big box store (shouldn’t that term be used for places that actually sell boxes?) a warehouse guy was suddenly missing. We couldn’t find him anywhere. His mistake? He snored. I followed the sound to a shelf never used and the guy was in a sleeping bag and had a pillow! I know!

I took a picture of him and let him sleep until his boss arrived. I showed him the sleep deprived employee and then I got right by the guy’s head and yelled, “Hey!!”. The guy came up so fast that he konked his head on the shelf above him. Then I said “Don’t get up. I’m sorry I disturbed you. Although you might want to go home and sleep in your bed because you’re not going to be sleeping here anymore.”

That was fun. People do the craziest things in the workplace. I did too. I was young and never thought things through. Ever. I thought I was getting paid to perform practical jokes. It didn’t matter who I pranked either. I’m fortunate that I never got fired for doing stuff like that. 

I’m tired now so I’m going to take a nap in the hammock out back… Oh, I forgot. It burned in the fire. 

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3 thoughts on “Oh No!!!!!

  1. As a junior executive officer in Her Majesty’s Inspector of Taxes, I would oft in an afternoon select on of the great tomes on British tax laws, set it on my desk and put my head in my hands as if I was in deep study of some arcane matter; 15 mins nap time, no problem. ( even got it so that in a light doze I would turn over a page)

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