What Is The Password????

My password ensemble used to be so simple. Just one – for everything. Easy. Then one day an app forced me to change it. That began a terrifying puzzle of password changes for every app. The bottom line is I’m hiding out because I haven’t been able to pay my bills for three years. 

Finally we have finger print recognition! Awesome! Now I just put my right index finger on the home button and voila! Open. Oops, I shouldn’t have told you which one. Wait! My print is unique so it doesn’t matter if anyone knows. Now as long as I don’t use the “Magic Veggie Slicer” which seems to take a piece of my index finger whenever I’m near it, I should be fine. 

I think I watch too many CSI type shows because now I’m deathly afraid that someone will snip off my finger to get to my phone. Not that there is anything of value in it – and I swear it’s true just in case any of you get any bright ideas. That phrase has always perplexed me. We all get bright ideas from time to time. What’s wrong with that?

In an effort to lose weight, we should have to use my wife’s fingerprint for the refrigerator and pantry. Since I would never cut off my wife’s finger (I’m convinced she could still take me down with one good hand) oh and I love her too. 

So I would need to use my televised CSI training and make a mold of her finger and then use silicone to make a soft print I can use while she’s gone. Heh, heh, heh. I’ll show her. Who am I kidding? Her female instincts are as strong as The Force in her. She would sense the very second I used it. 

So much for that notion. I’ll need to come up with a bright idea while ditching the creditors at the same time. 

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5 thoughts on “What Is The Password????

      1. My password book in my last civil service job was so non-pc or would have done credit to an enlisted persons barracks.
        I wisely shredded it when I retired.

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