Pioneer Day? Let’s have chicken!!

It seems weird to me that a state that really honors their pioneers is without a Pioneer Chicken franchise. 

We have Zaxby’s, Popeyes, KFC (including the very first one), Maddox (a beloved local place, and even El Pollo Loco. No Pioneer Chicken. Maybe they only did any business on July 24th, Pioneer Day here in Utah. One of life’s great mysteries. Well maybe just mine but still….

Oddly enough, we do have food franchises representing other states. California Pizza Kitchen is one. Really? Like we don’t have enough pizza joints already? It seems like there’s one on every corner. We’ll trade California Pizza Kitchen for a Pioneer Chicken franchise. 

I’m not a Mormon and I couldn’t care less about the pioneers. There were pioneers everywhere, not just here. But I must admit that it is a nice state holiday. Very similar to Independence Day, including fireworks, barbecues, parades, and they also fly Old Glory. 

I love to see our flag, but the Utah pioneers didn’t find America, so why the country’s flag? It’s not a national holiday. Flying the Utah state flag would be more important, I think. 

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