I’m Leaving Canada!!!

A woman lived yards north of North Dakota. One day her son said, “I just got some news. Our land really belongs to North Dakota. We have the right to approve it. What do you think?” His mother said. “Sign it! I don’t think I could stand another one of those Canadian winters!”

Other than being utterly clueless, I know what she means. I’ve spent a great deal of time all over Canada and the winters east can be brutal. And just as in the United States, the farther east you travel, the heavier the snow gets. At least I never had to shovel any of it. 

I just had to wade through the “You know what”.  All in all, it’s a beautiful land that is full of beautiful landscapes and people. Except for Quebec. I found the people there cold and mean. They don’t like outsiders even though the tourists bring millions in revenue. Heck, they don’t even want to be part of Canada. Much like California here. 

The stories I heard about rude Frogs, oops I meant the French were legendary but after enduring ten days in Quebec, they seemed lovely by comparison. The only real fun I had in Montreal were the pranks pulled on me by some friends of mine. I have to admit they were great. 

Back to the Canadian turned US citizen, I think she watched too many Bugs Cartoons. I remember one where it was raing like crazy in one state, but Bugs was standing just  inside the other state where there was a beautiful day. Yeah, kind of like that. Stupidity has no borders. 

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