Lies!! Lies And More Lies!!

I’ve heard so many times and have asked audiences everywhere what is the most important quality in a man they want to date. The answer? A sense of humor. Really?? Why is it that after the wedding she never laughs at anything he says?

My wife is a comedian and I used to be. She never EVER laughs when I say something funny. She just says it’s stupid or just not funny. Even when I did the bit on stage and got a huge response from the crowds, I would say, “So now what do you think of the joke?” She’d say, “I still don’t know why they laughed. It’s still stupid.”

If she says something that she thinks is funny but I don’t, I laugh anyway. It keeps her in a good mood and that helps my life. Happy wife, happy life, right? If she’s had a bad day at work, I listen to her vent. All the way. Once she gets it all over, she is generally very nice and fun. 

Trying to keep your significant other happy is really pretty easy unless she is depressed; that’s a tough one. I have found out the out the hard way that it’s best to tenderly ask her if she wants to talk to someone who can help her, instead of telling her she needs to see a shrink. She might go see one while you’re in the hospital recovering from the injuries sustained after you say something that stupid. 

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8 thoughts on “Lies!! Lies And More Lies!!

  1. Always be careful what you say; unlike the guy who came home from work, found his wife crying said ‘Darling what are you crying for?’ and she replied tearfully ‘The dog has eaten your dinner’ and without thinking he replied ‘Never mind darling, I’ll get you a new dog,’

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