My Kids Are Better Than Yours!!!

I was talking to my neighbor about our kids. He bragged that one had a bachelors degree in economics, another had a PHD in psychology. I asked about his third child. He said, “Oh, he’s a thief.” I asked him why he doesn’t kick him out. He said, “Are you kidding? He’s the only one making money!”




Isn’t that the way it goes? Some companies still insist on a bachelor degree and I get it. They want to know if the applicant is able to stick with something long enough. In the past, this would mean that they will be a good employee and stick around. That was then, this is now.





There seems to be no loyalty on either party now. It’s an opportunistic work atmosphere now. Companies are interested in saving money by replacing high salaried employees with less expensive people, so employees always have their ear to the ground (I’m not sure why listening for horses coming will help) for a better opportunity. Who can blame them? I think it was created by employers.






Perhaps it is the economic climate, but something tells me it is just pure greed. I remember when consumer electronics giant Circuit City changed their business model and laid off thousands of their top performing employees and replaced them with kids willing to work for minimum wage. That was a huge mistake and they paid the price. They are now gone.







If you have to lay people off, I kind of think it should be the lowest performers or in some cases those with the lowest seniority, but that’s just me. There’s just something about having good employees that means EVERYTHING! Take a look at the great businesses out there. One of the things they all seem to have in common is creating a great work environment and pay the employees well. Call me crazy and believe me, many people accurately do, but I think if you make a great work environment, people will not only want to stay, but they’ll be more productive and as I learned long ago, productivity equals morale.


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2 thoughts on “My Kids Are Better Than Yours!!!

  1. All good sense Jerry…
    Any yet it is says much about the quirkiness of Humanity, if I was to quote your post to one of our right of centre Conservative party folk and give the origin of the post, their eyes would sort of mist over and they’d say how much they loved the American ‘can-do’ attitude and that’s what we need here in Britain.
    If I was to say this was my own idea, they’d look sideways at me and mutter about the ills of socialism, Jeremy Corbyn and the EU.
    Too many books on political, management and economic theory and not enough reprints of MAD magazine if you ask me.

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