It Was An Accident!!!

Yesterday a police officer told me “Most accidents happen within one mile from your house.” I said “Really? Thats amazing. I need to be more careful if there are that many right accidents so close to my house. I thought it was funny. He didn’t. It will be worth paying for the ticket just for the look on his face. 

You hear statistics like that all the time. There are signs in my doctor’s office that say things like “A person dies every minute from diabetes.” I always think, “Wow, that poor guy. He must have been a very bad Hindu.” (In case you’re confused, Hindus believe in reincarnation.)

Someone needs to proof read those signs before printing thousands of them. A comedian would be great for the job because we’re always looking for them so we have a keen sense about them. You might have it too, and fortunately there are plenty to go around. Here are some of my favorites. I’ll let them speak for themselves. 

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One thought on “It Was An Accident!!!

  1. Oh man! ‘Caution Tomatoes’ is never going to grow old!!
    It’s so true that comics can pick up on these things-
    When I was a lad back in the 1960s watching TV a visiting American comic (wasn’t paying attention to his name at the time- only 12) came out with this:
    ‘Did you know every 5 minutes a pedestrian gets knocked down by a car?…. and he’s getting pretty sick of it!’

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