I’m Roasting A Chicken – On The Sidewalk!!!

Why buy a small cooked rotisserie chicken at the supermarket? This time of year you can buy a much larger chicken, season it to taste and let it slow roast on the sidewalk. Bonus! You can watch people slip on the juices afterward. 

Who doesn’t like a good, juicy rotisserie chicken now and again? Aside from vegetarians, vegans, those that worship chickens (There has to be a wacko group that does) and if you just don’t like it. Who doesn’t like chicken? My wierd neighbor. (Dennis is a very close friend so I can pick on him).

He just doesn’t like the taste. I can’t think of meat that I don’t like, except if it’s spoiled. My daughter, Cecilee and my adopted son, Spence, are hard core vegans. I’m always impressed with their passion). I haven’t gone that way yet. 

Beef, pork, chicken, turkey, duck, yak… Ok, I’ve never had yak but there is a restaurant here that serves it. I’ll try it sometime. Where was I? Oh yeah. Bison, elk, deer, lamb, alligator, frog legs, escargot, sea food and SPAM. is that really meat? No matter, I love the stuff. 

To be fair and balanced, I also love grilled vegetables. Zucchini, peppers… that’s about it, so maybe not so balanced. I like a good salad but despise bad salads. I think that’s normal. Oh, ostrich is also really good, but has become much more rare, due to the failed ostrich farms. Ostrich is rare but those ridiculous ‘fidget spinners’ are everywhere. Seriously?

Oh well, something to do while the chicken roasts. 

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