I’m Going Nuts!!!

Now that our kids are grown and two of them have children, I like to mess with them from time to time. I never tell them what we’re sending the kids on their birthdays and I sometimes can’t resist the urge to buy them something loud and obnoxious. Justice. Heh, heh, heh. 

When two of my kids were younger, they would always seem to pick out toys for Christmas and birthdays that drove me crazy. That’s just what kids do, right? I think they were getting even with me because of time outs. 

Even now, every time they hear a noise or someone rings the doorbell, they go bonkers and start screaming and yelling. Wait a minute, those are the dogs. It really is sort of the same thing. My wife buys them only toys that squeak so loud you have to resist the urge to tear them apart. Not the dogs, the toys. Somehow they suddenly come up “missing”. No matter, she just buys more. Ugh. 

So our sweet children pay the price. I bought one of our grandsons a very colorful and loud toy jetliner for his birthday last year. Of course it was a toy. Like I could afford to send a real one. Besides, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have a pilot license. 

My daughter, Sarah called to “thank” me for being so thoughtful. She said he loves it and plays with it all day long. I’m always happy when the grandkids love to play with the toys we send them. This year? Drumsets for all of them! I can’t wait for the phone calls. 

I think when a child is born, the Mother should also birth two sets of noise canceling headphones. God creates the babies, I’m sure He could manage that process. It would preserve the sanity of many parents in the world. It would really come in handy because by the time the second baby comes around, the first sets will probably be destroyed by the first child. The kids cannot be trusted. 

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to peruse Amazon to find something fun and loud. 

Get Dad the gift of laughter this year! Jerry Mabbott’s stand up comedy DVD is only about 20 bucks on Amazon! Get yours today!

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