Jack Mabbott – A Very Stubborn And Funny Man

A man was sprawled across three seats in a theater. The usher said sir, but you’re only allowed one seat. “Sir, ifI’m going to have to get the manager.” The man didn’t budge. The manager tried to move the guy, with no success. They finally asked him where he was from. He said, “The balcony.”

Today is the anniversary of my father’s passing. The reason why I began this blog with what looked to be a stubborn man is because my father was the most stubborn man I’ve ever known. To prove the point, I need to tell a story.

Our Dad was a very, very funny guy.

In my early twenties, I was the manager of an automatic transmission shop in Whittier, California. My parents lived in Tucson, Arizona. We made the trek to see them on our vacation. I was going mostly to see my mother and my younger brother.

No one told me it was going to be a thousand degrees. I would sweat even in the air conditioned house. Thanks be to God that they had air conditioning. Can you imagine trying to cool the place off with a swamp cooler? They barely work here, let alone in Arizona.

Anyway, my father had owned an old pickup truck for a million years and had just purchased a new Ford pickup. They also had a trailer they would take here and there. I mentioned that he should get a shift kit, which modified the hydraulics in the transmission and allow it to pull the trailer without fear of bogging down and overheating. It cost about $80 at the time.

My father explained to me that it wasn’t necessary because he paid $1,500 for a “heavy duty truck transmission. I told him that he got ripped off and he should take it back and demand his money back. He said no, that he received what he ordered.

My mother had a Ford LTD station wagon, with a good size engine. I said” Dad, let’s go outside and I’ll prove it to you. I just wanted him to get that money back. I hate those games that dealers play.

We went outside and I told him to take a good look at the transmission, which I already knew was a C-6, the biggest that Ford made. I also knew that my mother’s station wagon also had a C-6.

I told him to look under my mother’s car. He looked at it and said, “Well I’ll be damned! They put that heavy duty truck transmission in your Mom’s car, too”! Game over. Well played, Dad. It’s stories like this and many, many more that cause me to miss him the most. Yes, Dad, you are truly missed.

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