Amazing Diet!!!

I’m dieting right now. Actually, I’m on two diets. You can’t seem to eat enough on just one. My doctor is crazy. He wants me to get down to my original weight but that’s 6 pounds and 2 ounces. 

I know, I know, diets don’t work. It will hopefully become a lifestyle but for now I’m committed to dieting today. Going blindly into any healthy lifestyle just doesn’t work for me. It never has. I tried Nutrisystem twice. I lost weight each time but I’d like to remain financially solvent. 

So, I quit and then lost 75 pounds on my own. Well, not really. I lost it by reading Jon Gabriel’s book, “The Gabriel Method” and the audio recording that comes with it. It was the easiest thing ever. I stopped eating the foods that were causing weight gain because (get this) I didn’t WANT to! I really lost the craving for burgers and fries. 

But not forever. I have an illness that is pretty severe and I think people thought that’s how the weight came off. I heard well intended remarks like “You’re too skinny”, which is something I never expected to hear in my lifetime, and “You look like you’re going to die!” 

I decided to gain some of the weight back. That was a huge mistake, literally. Over the years, I gained it all back. Ugh. But I’m back once more on The Gabriel Method and have dropped ten pounds in the first month. I’m excited and in the groove now. I’m confident I’ll lose it all again because I proved to myself that I could do it. From there? Who knows? I’ll ignore the comments this time and will hopefully keep it off this time. We’ll see. 

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