I Don’t Even Know You!!!

We had another power outage! My PC, TV, and DVD player were all down. My cell phone, iPad and laptop batteries were all dead. I’ll be sure that never happens again. So my wife and I talked for a couple of hours. She seems like a nice person.

I think most of us are guilty of ignoring those around us with the interests in email, Facebook, Twitter or games. In fact, it’s been said that it is no longer enough to judge whether a potential spouse has a compatible personality that will last for decades. Instead, we must estimate how long you can stand watching your partner with their face buried in an electronic gadget. 

We have a desktop computer, two laptops, 2 iPhones and an iPad. Plenty to keep us busy without interaction with another person. Oops, I forgot about a DVD player. In fact, sometimes my wife and I will be in the same room and I will text a message to her. She calls me a dork, but I think it’s kind of funny. 

I think the only thing that would cause a complete shutdown in real interaction with all people would be a smart tv. Not just a gadget – THE gadget. If you think about it, if neither spouse doesn’t speak, they can’t argue which means they would most likely stay together longer.  Sound logic to me. I’m not so sure my wife would agree which will undoubtedly lead to an argument and therefore solidify my position. 

I have to go now. Someone just challenged me to a game of “Words With Friends”.

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