Someone Call a Tow Truck!!!

Breaking a pinky toe by having someone stomp on it is a very painful experience. I kept getting bills and I guess I got a little out of line with the mailman. I hope he can get back to work soon. 

Yesterday, I stubbed and broke my right pinky toe – just after it healed from the first break. Ouch! Talk about feeling like a moron. Just because I’m retired and mostly do things at home while barefoot. No more. As soon as I can get a shoe on my foot I will not walk around without footwear ever again. Unless I’m in the shower. Then I would ruin my shoes. That would be nuts. 

I just got back for the dentist, who noticed I had a tennis shoe on my left foot and a slipper on my right foot. He asked me if I was aware of it. I thought it was really odd until he told me that he had once worn one brown shoe and one black shoe. We had a good laugh and I then told him about a time when I was so tired, I showed up for work with no shoes on at all. 

It reminds me of two, yes two times when I was in front of a group of people with my fly open. Fortunately, one was during a show, so I was only on stage for an hour, but the other time was during an all day stand up comedy training session. I didn’t notice until lunch time and it had to be obvious to the group. Ugh.

Note: Apparel which is acceptable to go without. Socks, under shirt, underwear, clogs (never to be worn)

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