Kids Are Brilliant!!!

My daughter and her husband are having difficulty keeping their boys from running into the parking lot. So they put up a gate. Steve was working on the outside of the gate and dropped a screw. “Don’t worry, Daddy”, Isaac said, “I’ll get it for you”. He crawled under the gate and got the screw. 

So much for that idea. Let’s face it, kids are master escape artists. They can pretty much escape from anywhere you put them, which makes even a time out more difficult. You actually have to give yourself a time out too just to keep your eye on the kid. Like a million other comedians have said, “Time out at my house was the amount of time you spent unconscious.”

I like the time out concept if you do it right. It’s critical that you really know what each child likes and dislikes. If you give your kid a time out in his room filled with toys that she loves, you’ll find her doing things to earn a time out more frequently. 

If you give the kid something she hates you will eventually win the battle. I know because I did it. I never laid a hand on my kids or step kids – ever. I didn’t need to.  The time outs worked quite well. Now if you are one who believes that one swat on a covered behind when you’re not angry, go for it. 

The danger is when you’re very angry. In my opinion, that can be dangerous. You need to cool off first, maybe by giving your kid a time out and then spank her. Let her know why her behavior was unacceptable and give her a swat or two. It will all turn out ok. 

Oh, just a reminder, before you put her in a corner for a time out, do a pat down to be sure she doesn’t possess a Sharpie or Magic Marker. That could be a disaster. Then you’ll get mad all over again. Unless the caniving kid writes something like, “I love Mommy and Daddy”. Then you’re done. Checkmate. Game over. Kid one, parent zip. 

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