Kathy Griffin Apologizes. Why? Because She Got Caught!!

Kathy Griffin proudly posted a picture of her holding a replica of Donald Trump’s severed head, which also symbolized the death of her career, which was already in critical condition. 

With the unexpected backlash from both parties and the public, she immediately put out a video apologizing for “Going too far”. Right. We need only to look back at when the red hot country band, The Dixey Chicks went postal on George Bush, thinking it would win them favor. Wrong. Their careers came to a screeching halt from the backlash of the crowd that night and the public as well. They are just now beginning to recover. 

I hope Griffin was faced with prosecution for inciting violence against the President of the United States of America. When I read many of the comments from whacked fans of hers, it was scary. I sincerely hope this ends her show business career. As a comedian, I respect the art and the ability to say things that others wouldn’t. What I don’t get is how this kind of incident can possibly be covered by first amendment rights. 

We don’t have total free speech or expression. Try yelling “bomb” at an airport or fire at a crowded event. The same can be true if someone is guilty of inciting violence against others. So why should she not be arrested and prosecuted?

No matter where you stand politically, even if you hate POTUS, I don’t think any of us should think this is ok. It’s not, in my opinion. It’s deplorable and borders on treason, I think. I know many will disagree with me, but I don’t care. Enough is enough. Let Katy Perry and Lady Gaga speak their minds instead. At least they aren’t calling for our President to be beheaded. The day I start to be politically swayed by what an entertainer says, I shouldn’t vote or voice my opinion ever again. 

One more thing. Every news outlet showed a scowling Pope standing next to Donald Trump. Ooh, even the Pope hates him.  What I only saw on Facebook, and not in the major media is the exact same expression on the Pope’s face standing next to the French President. 

In the immortal words of Rodney King, “Can’t we all just get along?”

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3 thoughts on “Kathy Griffin Apologizes. Why? Because She Got Caught!!

  1. This was a step too far. Many folk who do not like in any shape or form President Trump are saying so.
    I like being rude about politicians as much as the next person, but there are limitations.
    We have this issue in the UK too. Jeremy Corbyn; the leader of The Labour Party has a bunch of fanatical followers who scream abuse at any journalist or TV interviewer who trips him up. But the man has shown his worth by telling these morons to back off and saying the journalists are only doing their job.

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