G7 Summit – A Game?

I knew the meeting of world leaders had problems when a member said, “Welcome to G7” and German Chancellor Angela Merkel jumped up and yelled “Bingo”!!

I always wonder what goes on in summits such as this. Who’s coming with what agenda. You know they all have things they want to accomplish, that makes perfect sense. How to go about swaying the group to agree with you; that would be the fun part for me. Unless it didn’t work. Then maybe not so fun. 

At least Oktoberfest is still firmly in place. It is celebrated nearly everywhere and is a lot of fun. Great food, beer and atmosphere! Hey that rhymes really well while capturing the essence of the events. I’m going to submit it to the marketing departments of every major Oktoberfest event. You never know. 

They would probably think that I was well into my own beer celebration. I’ve always loved marketing and advertising. It’s such a creative field. Geico does it very well. They always have several completely different ad campaigns running at the same time because each is geared toward a particular demographic. Brilliant!

I remember the days when there were many cigarette brands advertising on television and in print. Not so much here anymore, but I’m not sure about other countries. I know tobacco companies were sole sponsors of some television shows and radio programs like “The Grand Ol’ Opry.”

In any event, it’s a fascinating field with some of the world’s most creative minds behind the scenes. 

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One thought on “G7 Summit – A Game?

  1. G7 & Bingo 😂 !!!
    Rules of the G7.
    1. Agree with the others, unless it suits you otherwise.
    2. Don’t let on you are agreeing (or disagreeing).
    3. If you must disagree. Agree to disagree. (Unless you wish to Disagree to Agree).
    4. When in doubt quote statistics.

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