This Podcast is Stupid!!!

It seems like everyone talks about podcasts. Well I think they’re stupid and expensive. I tried one yesterday. I threw my iPod as far as I could and it just sank to the bottom of the lake. Now I have no iPod. What’s fun about that?

Some people say that podcasts are replacing blogs. I don’t agree, but they are becoming more popular as the years progress. I think they are a spinoff of YouTube. The problem is that if you don’t understand how to market the podcast, it’s just as effective as nailing a poster on a tree where no one sees it. 

The obvious answer is to hire a PR professional to really do it right. The problem with that answer is that it is far too expensive. So now what? You could call a town hall meeting to let the community know about it. Wait, that only happens on “The Gilmore Girls”.

How about skywriting? That seems to be a lost art form in today’s world. Why? It doesn’t work! It seems like as soon as the message is ‘written’, it begins to disappear. So that’s out. Maybe you could become a telemarketer for your own product. The only problem with that is that people hate telemarketers. 

Flyers on car windshields? There’s your marketing campaign to kick off your podcast. The flyers are cheap to make, can convey the difference between your podcast and the others. If you charge for a subscription to the podcast, you can increase your marketing plan to include billboards. 

I still need to find out how this technology works because I really miss my iPod. 

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3 thoughts on “This Podcast is Stupid!!!

  1. I’m not against podcasts and I they can be interesting, like a throwback to Radio days. Some are filled with cool music and sound effects, and have fascinating subjects. But I think a lot of podcasters just drone on and on for too long, with no pep or spark in their voices or enthusiasm for the subject at all. Who wants to waste precious minutes of their lives hearing that? I’m very picky with podcasts.

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