Fasten your seatbelt!!!

When I was single and flew a lot, A great looking woman sat down next to me. I considered myself good with the ladies so I said, “Do you have to pay extra to sit next to good looking men?” She said, “Normally yes, but I didn’t want to pay it today.” Ouch. 

We men are ridiculous sometimes. If a woman pays us any extra attention at all we think, “Yeah, she wants me.” It is especially true when there are friends around. And the sad part is that most of the time we really believe it to be true. I did it the day before yesterday. Heather’s mother is in the hospital and we went to see her. 

I caught up with her nurse outside her room to ask some questions. She seemed to me to be flirting with me so when I went back to the room I said “That nurse was flirting with me. Yeah, she wants me.” Heather laughed so hard, she couldn’t even breathe which I thought was a little over the top. 20 years of marriage will do that to you. 

Here is the perfect example. Last year we rented a cabin at Yellowstone park. When we were checking in, the desk clerk offered us the honeymoon cabin. Heather said, “We’ve been married for 19 years. I don’t think we need a honeymoon cabin.” The clerk said, “I beg your pardon, ma’am, but I could rent you Dodger stadium, but it doesn’t mean you’d have to play baseball.”

Even Heather is noticing a difference. She’s a lead teller at a credit union and she came home and told me that she thought her good looks were fading. I asked why and she said, “Well lately when I wait on a man they actually count their money.” Very funny! You’ve still got it, baby!

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2 thoughts on “Fasten your seatbelt!!!

  1. Once a day I steel myself look at my face in the mirror and then my waistline, then can go out into the world content that ‘It’ll never happen’

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