My Mother in Law Took Over My Computer!!!!

My computer took a nose dive and wouldn’t work any more. I couldn’t afford a mother board, so instead I got a mother in law board. It’s a little slower, doesn’t understand some commands and just annoys me. 

I’m only kidding about my mother in law. She’s awesome. She has always treated me like her son and I reciprocate by making her laugh hard when I see her or talk to her on the phone. Some people honestly complain about their in laws without even getting to know them. That’s sad. 

My first mother in law is still very close to me. In fact I’m close with the whole family, including my ex-wife and her husband. Strange, I know, but great at the same time. My second one and I didn’t get along at all. In fact, she ripped me off for about seven thousand dollars. Good thing I had a dye pack in the money. Heh, heh, heh. 

My third one is an awesome lady. Tough German lady who didn’t exactly warm up to me at first but did later on. I really liked it. My current mother in law is wonderful. I love her very much. She’s kind, loving, caring and helpful whenever you need her. This morning she’s having a heart ablation to eliminate A-Fib, which she has been battling for years. 

God speed, Judy. 

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