I Got Caught Cheating!!

Heather and I recently started dieting. I know diets don’t really work but at least it’s something to do. I told her, “If I feel like having a cheeseburger, I’ll talk to you first.” She said, “Great! I’ll drive.”

At one point in our lives, we decided to do the Body for Life program. We did everything. 6 days at the gym, followed the diet plan completely. After 12 weeks, we were pretty buff. Then we went on vacation and the program for us now was Body for 12 weeks. I know! Ugh. 

I think we all hate diets. If you’re in your right mind, it’s true. A normal person doesn’t have the stamina to make it through and then maintain it for life. I know people who have done it but they’re insane. Loons. Nutty as a fruitcake. Do fruitcakes have nuts?

Some people diet to gain wait! How cool would that be? “How about Subway for lunch?” “You go ahead, I’m going to have a steak.” I used to work for a guy like that. When he invited me to have lunch with him, it was always at a nice restaurant and he would get either a steak or pork chops. I would always get a cheeseburger. 

I knew another guy who did the same thing. Every day. He was thin so it had no outward impact on him. Who knows how it affected his health. As far as I know, he’s still kicking and eating at the same places for lunch. Oh, and yes, these guys were completely mad. Bonkers. 

We don’t go out much anymore. We did on Sunday for Mother’s Day and we also had a great burger at a dear friends house later that evening. The restaurant we went to served all sorts of unusual dishes. Like Yak. I’m not kidding. It was $44, so I didn’t even consider it. How about espresso rubbed elk steak? I think that would be great. 

Does it cost that much to buy a Yak? No matter. It’s the only place in town to get it although I don’t know many people who ever say to me, “I’m in the mood for some Yak.”

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