Run For Your Life!!

Heather, my wife is a runner, so I finally tried it. I ran on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I’ve always heard about a state of euphoria a runner reaches at some point. Heather asked me if I had hit that state yet. I said, “Absolutely. Every week on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.”

I think a runner has to have a certain mentality in order to keep going. Kind of like we weirdos who get hooked on doing stand-up comedy. Many people say they could never do it but there are so many that do. 

I think it’s mostly true for any repetitive activity. Reading, bicycling, weight lifting, going to the gym, playing tennis, smoking cigarettes, doing drugs, etc. People also get hooked on television, computers, games, gambling and blog writing. Oops, blog writing? Oh man, I’m going to need to find a bloggers anonymous group now. 

Coffee is another thing people like me get hooked on, although I see no reason to quit. I drink it every single morning. I go to my neighbor’s house almost every day and have another cup. I can’t stop because I don’t want to. The last time I attempted to stop was when I was doing late night radio. What a mistake! I kept nodding off which can make a pretty bad radio show. 

I look forward to it now. Every morning it’s drink coffee and write a blog. I love it. Now if you’ll forgive me, I need to get another cup.

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3 thoughts on “Run For Your Life!!

  1. That was our big mistake when America was part of the colonies, trying to get people to drink more tea and pay tax for doing it.

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