Ryan Seacrest – Midget???

Contrary to the popular belief that Ryan Seacrest is gay, he’s not. He’s just head butted too many women while jumping up to try to kiss them.

“American Idol” was canceled after 15 seasons. I remember when the show was the most watched television show in the US, but no more. No more stars in the making. No more unheard of singers becoming instant stars. And on a positive note, no more Ryan Seacrest.

The show returned for one last segment in January, 2016, but that was the swan song, so to speak. Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick, Jr. came back as the judges for the final season. News of the cancellation didn’t give a final boost to the ratings as they’d hoped. It’s pretty bad that you have to cancel a show in hope of improve the ratings. The same thing happened to 24 and the X-Files. But 24 came back and the X-Files is also coming back.

Idol averaged more than 20 million viewers every season from 2003. In 2006, the show boasted an average of nearly 31 million viewers. That was huge! I wonder how much of the popularity involved Simon Cowell fighting with Ryan Seacrest, Paula Abdul and the audience.

In the end, it’s gone. So is “The Voice”. “America’s Got Talent” is still going strong, as is “Survivor”, “The Amazing race”, and “Dancing with the Stars”. “Big Brother” is still doing well.

So, we say so long to a show which has given us Carrie Underwood, Daughtry, Kelly Pickler, Kelly Clarkson, Mandisa and more, who probably would not have made it in the business otherwise. That part is sad. Except for the Ryan Seacrest part. Good riddance.

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