New England Border Patrol!!

I think all New England Patriots and their fans should be deported. They pose an imminent threat to the AFC East in the NFL.  Then we’ll build a wall around the stadium just in case they try to sneak back in. 

That team just seems to win no matter what happens. That means they have an incredible management team and front office. That’s what makes them so dangerous. Oh, and that Mike Brady guy at QB.

The Patriot Act could be invoked to get it done. No civil rights, no due process. Just some water boarding then send them straight to Romania where there are no professional football teams. Oh, and torture that Mike Brady guy at Qb.

Maybe they could start their own league there. They might have a difficult time though, because all of their millions of dollars will be used towards our National Debt. I know some of you don’t agree with this plan but I think the American People do. The Seahawks are next. 

I’m seriously tired of every politician telling us what the American People want. How about asking us first to get real ideas, then give it to us. I know there are many backdoor deals made for good reasons to avoid dire consequences and we can’t be privy to all of it, but tell us the basics and give us your real plan and explain why it will work. This goes for all politicians, not just the ones that win. Oh, and kick that Mike Brady guy In the crotch.

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3 thoughts on “New England Border Patrol!!

  1. ‘What The People Want’ …..Oh now we are talkin’
    In the UK the politicians beat their breasts over the Taxpayers getting value for money…..speaking as an ex-revenuer(I never did grow my 1970s moustache long enough to twirl), the poor taxpayer never gets a say anyhow, anyway…

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      1. That’s the polite word for it.
        I don’t mind having to pay tax (we’re stuck with it), but I do object to them trying to insult my intelligence.
        Imagine how much more respect a political leader would earn by saying:
        “We’re all stuck with it folks. It’s tax hike year, and because we screwed up last year, all your representatives will be paying an extra 10%- because we can afford it,”
        Poll ratings would go through the proverbial roof

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