Dangerous Times???

North Korea is warning the US that we are pushing them closer to nuclear war. I think the quote was, “If you don’t stop flying your bombers over our airspace, as soon as we figure out how to launch a rocket without exploding, you’re going to be in big trouble! By the way, how do you guys do it?”

I don’t think China will allow that little troll to attain nuclear capability. They will eventually squish him like a bug. I think we should put sanctions on China that would really hurt them. Maybe not financially but just hurt their feelings. We could rename our best dinnerware from China to India. 

We could stop eating Chinese food and eat only Indian, American, Italian, Japanese and Thai food. We could add “Just Kidding” to every “Made in China” sticker on their imported merchandise. We could start making fun of their smog problem by ending every news program with “Hey, anybody seen China lately?” Great gag. 

Maybe we could get Cuba involved since they’re now supposedly our friends. They could hit North Korea with defective cigars using wrist rockets. Hit fat boy just once in the eye and he would immediately start crying and surrender. I think this plan is far superior to anything I’ve heard. Man, would I be a great Secretary of State, or what?

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