We Have Lift Off!!!!

I think the next person to go to the Space Station should be Colin Kaepernick. Give him a 20 year assignment and they can kick him out when he gets too obnoxious. Take a knee – get butt kicked out to float around for a while. An outer space time out.

Wouldn’t that be fun for all obnoxious people? Except for me. Yes, I might be obnoxious from time to time, but I’m hopefully entertaining. Oh sure, I could write some jokes and my blog from up there but how long would it take to get back here?

I’ve also heard that cell phone reception is not good there. Even Verizon with it’s giant network couldn’t fix that problem. I dont think even satellite phones work up there. Nope, I couldn’t live without my cyberspace technology. Why is it called cyberspace if it doesn’t work in outerspace? Silly.

I guess they rely on radio signals bounced off of satellites. Kaepernick would cry racism if his phone didn’t work but white people could converse with NASA. He’d take a knee for sure. Then out he goes again. Morons never learn. After 20 years, assuming that the crew hasn’t terminated him by cutting the tether, he’d be about 47? There are few radicals at 47. I think he might appreciate being back in the US. 🇺🇸

If not, he could be deported to Nebraska to work on a farm, milking cows. That’ll teach him.

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