Instead of bombing Syria, I think we should bomb Syrup companies who sell sugar free syrup. Clearly ISIS is behind this. I know it’s great for people with diabetes, but man, for the rest of us, full blown Aunt Jamima is the best!

Some things that are fat free can be really good. Cheese slices are one of the items. But only cold for sandwiches and the like. Why? Because it doesn’t melt. If you try to make a grilled cheese sandwich with it, you’ll be disappointed. At least that’s been my experience. 

There are just certain things you should never skimp on. Get the real deal. Bacon is a great example. If you go strictly by price, you end up with razor thin slices that are very difficult to cook because the slices actually get thinner and longer as you get frustrated trying not to tear each slice. 

Get the good stuff. Sometimes even get it directly from the butcher. That’s usually a real treat. There are other things too, such as milk. People buy fat free milk at one of the larger supermarket chains because it’s cheaper. If you look closely you’ll notice a slightly blue tint. That means the milk had been burned through the pasteurization process. It has also been shipped from who knows where an has been sitting on a shelf under florescent light which drains all of the nutrients. 

There are others too but none is more important than toilet paper. Pay for the Charmin. The triple ply. I don’t even know if anyone makes three ply, but at least double. There is little worse than using the cheap, thin and rough stuff on such a sensitive part of your body. 

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