Who The Heck Am I????

I’m kind of bored being me today, so I’d like to switch lives with you if you are wealthy and have a Learjet at your disposal. Any takers?

I think it is pretty normal to get a little bored with your life now and again, isn’t it? Celebrities would like to go unnoticed for a change, to take a breather from the paparazzi and go have an uninterrupted dinner somewhere.

People who own or run a pressure cooker business would like to duck the pressure for a day and just relax. Politicians under intense scrutiny would like to be invisible for a…. Wait a minute, they can usually do that when they want. Forget them.

Lawyers, doctors, scientists, writers, domestic engineers, the homeless, clergy, stock brokers, real estate agents, educators, inmates, Rob Ford… The list goes on and on. Not forever, just for a day.

It makes me think about who I would want to be for a day. Every single life has it’s pros and cons. The perception we have of others is completely different from reality, I think. Some live a life of luxury, others are comfortable, some barely squeek by, while others are destitute.

Some people are lonely, while others are the life of the party. At least it seems that way. Billy Joel wrote a song about the faces of the stranger that we all have. When we are alone and have a little time to ourselves, who is the stranger within us?

I think its all about perception. Famous writers have the constant pressure to write another best seller and the fear that no one will buy their latest book. The athlete is constantly competing for their job. The salesperson knows that yesterday doesn’t count, the pressure to perform starts again every morning.

It doesn’t seem to matter, in first world countries, what our circumstance, the grass really does look better on the other side. There are those who live in darkness, who’s lives are filled with fear and anxiety. We wouldn’t want to be that person, right? Well, that depends.

From the outsider’s perspective, it might look good to stay home every day, seemingly without a care in the world. We don’t see the longing in that person to be able to live the life they used to but are unable.
I guess the bottom line is to do our best to be happy with who we are and with who and what we have. It doesn’t mean we give up on dreams and goals, we just learn to be happy within during the process.

Come to think of it, I’m ok with being me. I can pretend once in a while, but I’m pretty happy with my life. I hope you are, too.

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