North Korea? I have the Answer!!

Kim Jung Un, who’s name obviously makes him the offspring of Kanye and Kim, always looks hungry. Send Dennis Rodman to give him a hot dog and a soda laced with antifreeze. Done and done. In fact, he’ll probably ask for more.

If anyone deserves the death penalty, it’s this jerk. He has allowed at least ten thousand people to starve to death while he got fat. And with the danger he poses as a wacko with missiles and an itchy trigger finger, he is a real threat to South Korea, Japan and the United States. China is at least feining potential aggression toward the crazy man by posting a lot of soldiers at the border. Give him the sweet soda now. 

That particular soda is the ultimate weight loss program. It helps you lose all your weight, fast. Much better than Nutrisystem or Jenny Craig and it’s guaranteed to keep the weight off for good. Then he can stop wearing shirts that resemble Hillary Clinton’s wardrobe. Come on now. Regardless of your politics, that was funny. 

I’m not sure why the only American Kim Jack Uno (Yes, I meant to) likes is Dennis Rodman. Maybe the short punk likes tall basketball players with piercings and tattoos everywhere. He lives his life vicariously through Rodman. There may have been better choices. How about Betty Davis? She’s was loved the world over and starred in movies. Uno does to, but they are documentaries that threaten people. 

Maybe Rodman could get him hooked on the card game Uno and convince him that the game was named after him. He would be hooked. It wouldn’t end well if anyone ever beat him, but it’s better than Uno considering a missile strategy. If he grows weary of that game, teach him crazy eights, although I would use full body armour while doing so. 

I still think the hotdog and drink would still be the way to go. Dennis Rodman, where are you? Your country needs you! 

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