Captain, I Don’t Have The Power!!!

At Circuit City one day, a guy left his cell phone. I found a contact listing for Mom. I called and told her that her son had left it. She said, “Dont worry, I’ll let him know”. Then the phone rang. A woman said “Marty, you left your phone at a store again”!

Sometimes we forget things and feel very foolish. During a power outage, how many of us try to turn the bathroom light on? I know I do. In fact, I did it this weekend. I felt like a moron. 

Then we decided to find a way to watch television. Pathetic, I know. I was not to be deterred. I got out the trusty iPad. The only problem was it was low on power. I was trying to think of a solution. Then i found the solution! We could plug it in near the wall! My wife them told me that the power was out. Oh Yeah. Fortunately we had a back-up battery.

And then there was the problem of the Internet being down. Wait! This time I nailed it! I’ll use my phone as a hot spot and connect the iPad to the 4G signal from my phone. Viola! It worked perfectly! Since we could only get Netflix, we watched our 4,386th episode of “The Gilmore Girls”.

It worked out great until the power came back on and everything recycled to come back on. Finally. Regular TV! We then turned on the Gilmore Girls and kept watching. Other than the fact that Lauren Graham is hot, the town reminds me of living in San Louis Obispo, California. At the time, it was a quaint little town, very much like Stars Hollow, sans the ever annoying Taylor and Kirk.

I’m sure the town has grown a lot and is likely no longer the same, the memories are still there. My younger brother, Fred, lived there when he was single and then got married there. I moved there after growing horribly tired of the Hollywood life style, and loved it. I then moved on to Monterey, where I met a lifelong friend in Frankie Lane. Great guy.

Crud. The power just went out again. I think I’ll laze the day away watching more Gilmore Girls episodes. Oh, yeah. This is embarrassing. I dont have enough data left to create another hot spot. Ugh.

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