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When we went camping, as soon as the car was parked, two of us would get fire wood, while my brothers set up the tent. My Mom and my sister set up the camp stove. It was fast. A guy told my Dad the teamwork was amazing. Dad said, “Its simple. I don’t let them go to the bathroom until its finished”.

Camping was so much fun! We loved it. Campfires in the morning, bacon an eggs for breakfast, great sandwiches for lunch and the catch of the day for dinner. We went fishing three times a day. Very early in the morning, again about two in the afternoon and again about six. We always caught plenty for dinner. And then a lengthy card game. Awesome.

We all loved to catch and eat the fish. They were delicious and fishing was a lot of fun, unless you rolled down a hill of rocks. That could be a disaster. It was always very possible to fall because we all attempted to go past the end of the trails so we could fish where others didn’t.

Example: I looked across the wide stream and saw what was certain to be an awesome fishing hole. The only way over was to walk on a mossy and very slippery log. I didn’t care. It would be worth it. I got about half way across when my foot slipped and I hit the log with one leg on each side. ONE LEG ON EACH SIDE! I think you know what that meant.

Pain like I had never experienced before. Plus I couldn’t talk, let alone call for help. After taking inventory, I realized that I lost a shoe and my lucky hat. After what happened, I’m not sure I could call it my lucky hat anymore. No matter, it was gone. I was more determined than ever to get across that log. I waited until I could breathe and speak in a lower voice and made it to that fishing hole.

It was a total bust. Not even a bite, except for the mosquitos. I risked my life and the ability to ever have children and came up empty. Oh well. Such is the fishing game. You win some and you lose some. Very fond memories. So much fun! I even learned how to drink coffee. I got up early with my Dad. I would go to the stream and fill the coffee pot with water and then we would watch it percolate until it was ready. Strong stuff. I miss those days.

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