He Did What???!

When I was young, I came home eating a candy bar. My Mom asked me where I got it. I said “I bought it with the dollar you gave me”. She said “That dollar was for Sunday School”! I said “I know, but when I got there they let me in for free”!

Where do kids get these ideas? This morning, I read about an eight year old boy who’s Dad went to bed early and his Mom was asleep on the couch. He was craving a cheeseburger from McDonald’s, so he looked up how to drive on YouTube. He then took his Dad’s van and his little sister and drove to McDonald’s.

I’m not making this up, I promise. When they were ordering their food, a family friend was also there and called the children’s grandparents. The police were also called. At least the kids were able to finish their dinner before the police arrived.

Aside from being way under age, he broke no traffic laws, even though he had to make several right and left turns to get there. When asked why he would take his Dad’s van, he said “Because Mom’s car is in the shop”. OK, I made that line up because I thought it was funny. Hey, I’m no Sean Spicer.

I suspect it was meant to be. It happened at eight, it was coveted on Fox 8 and the kid is eight. Coincidence? I think not. The child was not arrested but can you imagine the parents reaction to the phone call? Having raised children, I certainly would have freaked out!

I know YouTube contains many DIY videos, but maybe they should consider taking that one down. The kid is obviously brilliant and reminds me of the child, about the same age who saved the three fugitives in “Oh Brother Where Art Thou” by driving through a burning barn. He said he was going to “Runnoft”.
The eight year old was punished, obviously. He is grounded. He can’t drive any of the family cars for a month.

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