They Are The Best!!!

Today is National Siblings Day here in the US, which strikes me as odd. I’m going to celebrate the people who were always trying to inflict as much pain (in a fun way and I participated) as possible? Seems weird to me. I really do love them all deeply. 

We had a lot of fun when we were kids. We had secret clubs, played lots of cards games, took on nearly every dare, told each other what we were getting for Christmas, beat each other up, played football, and baseball, breaking a surprising number of windows in the process.

No matter. We almost always had fun. When we lived in a town called La Puente, in Southern California, my oldest brother would meet each Friday night at a neighbor’s house to play the card game, Slap Jack. The idea was that as the dealer laid out the cards in the middle of table and if a Jack turned up, the first one to slap their hand on it got a point.

As the game went on, the one with the most points got to decide what consequence would be for the poor sap who finished last. The loser could not refuse the punishment or they were never invited back and would be forever shunned by the cool kids in the neighborhood. You had to be 13 years old and bring a large bottle of Pepsi in order to play.

I was so excited when I turned 13 and could go play. My brother that was a year older than I had already been going. It was sort of a right of passage. Not surprisingly, I lost. The winner took all sorts of condiments from their refrigerator and I had to drink it. It was so gross, but I did it. Then he made me eat some flowers from their garden. I managed to do all of that and not lose my cookies.

We were going to Disneyland the following day and I was so afraid all night that I would surely die from all that he made me consume and thereby miss going to Disneyland. I know! I didn’t sleep the entire night. When daylight broke I was so happy! I didn’t feel so good that day but had a blast at Disneyland and continued to attend the Friday night festivities but I never lost again.

I also have two wonderful sisters, one I grew up with and one who my father had from a previous marriage. They’re both awesome and I love them dearly. My younger brother and I had a special bond for decades until I did some things to drive a wedge between us. I feel very badly about that. 

As much trouble as we all got into, I would do it all again. My siblings, I love you with all of my heart.

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One thought on “They Are The Best!!!

  1. We’re ‘Only’ children, but by some chance we have two daughters and a son, whenever they interact in some way that is beyond us we just shrug and say to each other “It’s a sib’ thing”

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