My Cookie!!!

Heather, my wife ordered some Chinese food on Saturday night for her and her and a friend. Yesterday, she smashed one of the fortune cookies with her fist, just for fun. I looked at the “fortune” and it said “Ouch”.

Chinese food is ok. I could take it or leave it. The things I used to really enjoy I’m unable to eat now because I developed an allergy to shellfish. It happens. So I don’t eat Chinese food anymore. 

Allergies are weird. One day a bee stings you and you’re fine. The next time you swell up like a Macy’s Day Parade float and have to get treated at the hospital. My brother Jim is allergic to bee stings. Very dangerous. Now days we have epi-pens to save us until we can get to an ER. 

I think, at least with bee, wasp or yellow jacket stings, our bodies have various degrees of immunities against the venom. Some have more than others. When the defenses are gone, BAM! No warning, it just hits you. At least that’s what I read. I’m not sure how it works with shellfish or other allergies that just hit you unexpectedly.

I know for a fact that I’m very allergic to bear attacks. Just one would probably kill me. In fact I’m sure of it because as far as I know there’s no epi-pen for bear bites. I think tigers and lions are the same way. Plus there’s no ER in the woods or jungle, so no help there. I thing great white sharks and alligators would also fall into that category.

Heather sufferers from pollen allergies which make her feel miserable. I know many people suffer from the same condition and I have tremendous empathy for those that do, although not as much as the bear, tiger, lion, shark and alligator bites. I feel really bad for them.

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